BIM, The future of building construction ?

The collaboration between all the parties involved in the construction of your house is not always easy. A pitfall that could be a thing of the past … BIM stands for Building Information Model. This software, which could be mandatory in some countries, simplifies the construction process.

With BIM, you create a database rich in information. Builders, contractors, architects and installers – in short, anyone who can intervene in a construction process – can consult this source of information. The result: more effective and efficient cooperation.

Photo: Mathieu Gijbels

With BIM, you essentially build the structure twice: once in digital space, once on site. And since all of the information from all parties involved is shared on a common platform, there are fewer misunderstandings.

« The construction process is a complex activity, “explains Mathieu Gijbels, from the construction company Mathieu Gijbels. “The parties work in different ways and at different times, but find themselves on a common project. This often leads to a lack of communication and delays. Solving them takes effort, takes time and costs money. »

Mitigating problems

« Mathieu Gijbels has already integrated BIM into his business. “With BIM, we prevent many problems. The efficiency in the construction phase is increasing dramatically. Gijbels sees BIM as a model of progressive cooperation that benefits everyone. “We dare to affirm that BIM will be, in the near future, the new way of building. And it is already time to ask the question. »

« BIM is much more than software, “says Nic Maes, BIM Manager at Mathieu Gijbels. “It requires a completely different way of thinking and understanding the construction process. It’s not easy for everyone. »

Economically efficient works

The Flemish Construction Confederation is behind BIM and even organizes start-up workshops with BIM. Building with BIM has many advantages. All parties are always aware of everything. Mistakes and problems throughout the construction phase are less recurrent, thus avoiding unpleasant surprises.

BIM makes it possible to make a site more profitable. It offers more financial security because you are less likely to be faced with unpleasant surprises. Budget and calendar are thus better respected. The information remains available, even after the construction site. This can be useful, both in terms of construction and future renovation.

Source : consulté le 25 Mai 2018