VIFATEC is committed to excellence in everything we do. Our core values are focused on the quality of our services, customer satisfaction, professionalism and knowledge


Our goal is simply to be the best and to continuously improve our services by feedback on customer requirements. We achieve this through teamwork, quality control systems (preliminary control overtime, exhaustive control before sending official documents), and hiring the best people in the field.

Client satisfaction 

The result of our efforts must be customer satisfaction. We believe that the success of any project is dependent on building a strong relationship with the client. This is the reason why we strive to always deliver the solutions that meet our customer high expectations. This can be done by offering efficient services through flexible work hours and quality products.


This value of VIFATEC translates into the achievement of competence, knowledge, quality, attitude, diligence and teamwork spirit. They are linked to how we provide our services and work with our customers. It is essential to give our customers a vision of our entire organisation.


We never stop learning new techniques, expanding our knowledge and enriching our field of competence by participating in scientific and technical associations such as AVSE (Association of Vietnamese Scientist and Experts), GCMM (Association of Civil Engineering, Mechanics and Materials) and Ponts Alliance (Association of graduates of the National School of Bridges and Roads).